Killer Tips On UK Online Competitions

When thinking of entering into uk online competitions, it is essential to realize that success is not guaranteed and it will not be easy. You should view competition for money as a potentially rewarding hobby. The hours can be long and the payout low but with the right tips and tricks, you can be on your way to reaping big.

Join a comping team. There are uk cash competition sites which have forum boards that have the latest contests. There is a real community there with a lot of dedicated competitors who love sharing the competitions they find. They know that although it reduces their chances of winning, sharing their research will increase opportunities for everyone.

You need to have a system to win uk prize. It is not a good idea to simply pick at random. You need to systematically go through competitions posted on the board so that you do not miss any. Remember to keep track of what you have entered. There are some promoters who do not like people entering too many times.

Be choosy on the competitions that you enter. This might sound obvious but you need to spend time on entering in contests with prizes that you want to win. Most gifts are non transferable. Some contests have the option where one can try and sell the prize on eBay or any other website.

Putting in some extra effort is going to increase your chances. A lot of people are lazy thus things that involve extra effort will attract few contestants. If you will be require to write a poem or take a photo, just do it and you might be the only entrant. You also stand a chance with a localised competition such as localised competitions offering tickets to theatres.

With the above information, you are sure to increase your chances of winning.

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Killer Secrets of How to Win a Competition for Money

If you’re strapped for cash and want a quick and easy way of acquiring some then read on to discover the killer secrets of how to win a competition for money.  Many people dream of being able to live a lifestyle of luxury funded through cash competition wins.  From paying off the mortgage and undertaking some home improvements to enjoying a cruise, revamping your wardrobe or being able to treat your friends and family to a little extra, receiving that winning cheque in the post can be a life changing event.  Discover below the best tips for maximising your chances of being that lucky UK prize winner.

Stick to the Rules

Every UK online competition has rules!  If you don’t meet the requirements of the competition then your entry will automatically be disallowed.  It’s amazing how many people are excluded due to entry form errors or failure to do what’s asked.  Check the following to make sure your entry is accepted:

Make sure you send in well before the specified closing date.  Late entries aren’t normally accepted.


  1. Check whether multiple entries are allowed.  Some competitions only allow a single entry and will exclude your submission if more than one entry is received.
  2. Some competitions will have age restrictions, so if you’re not in the right age category you won’t qualify.
  3. Have you entered your details correctly?  The wrong email address might mean your winnings go to somebody else!

Put in the Effort

Free prize draws are the commonest form of competition, where little effort is required beyond entering your personal details.  Because these are so straight-forward, they tend to attract large numbers of entries, reducing your chance of winning.  Skill competitions, for example where a piece of artwork is required or a short poem, tend to attract relatively few entries as less determined compers are put off by the effort involved.  Find these competitions on UK cash competition sites and have a go!  You don’t have to be the next J K Rowling or Van Gogh in order to be in with a chance.

You Don’t Have to Be a Big Winner

If you only have limited time to enter competitions for money, try and look for those which offer Runners Up prizes in addition to a main prize.  The more prizes on offer, the greater the likelihood of getting a lucky win and whilst it would be nice to scoop “the big one”, even receiving a tenner prize through the post is enough to brighten your day.

Ultimately whether you win a prize or not is largely a matter of luck, but entering as many competitions as you can, making sure you adhere to the rules and having a go at skill competitions are all good tactics to increase your chances of being a winner.  As many competitions are free to enter, comping for cash makes a cheap, enjoyable hobby which one day might even make you rich!

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These Are The Best Ways To Use Broadband Reviews

For many people, making decisions regarding internet providers and other services can be guided by two things: the price point advertised, and the available broadband reviews. Both of these pieces of information can be incredibly valuable in ensuring that the best possible service is found at the right price for each customer.

Establishing what will define a good broadband deal for you is the first step. This can be the advertised download speeds, usage caps and data allowances or the overall price. When choosing a new package, there are several factors to look for from the company to help make the process smooth as well – certain key ideas can bring big savings to the customer.

Introductory offers are an established way of attracting customers to the service, offering a promotional price rate for the first six months of the contract before they then increase for the rest of its term. As some of these discounts are substantial, even the restoration of full pricing for the last months can mean there are big savings to be made overall. Be sure to look at calculating the cost for the whole length of the contract when comparing services to each other, rather than the introductory rate. Other companies offer free set up, installation or activation for services which can bring savings, as elsewhere this can cost as much as £60. This must be established before agreeing to a new contract, as these costs can otherwise be an unpleasant surprise. Hardware should also be included for free: the router or modem, as well as the set top box if included as part of a television and internet service bundle.

Contract length is also the other key determining factor in making sure the best possible price is being given. Many of the larger broadband companies offer broadband on a two year or eighteen month contract, the industry standard. Some of the newer, smaller broadband companies have begun to offer broadband on a rolling monthly basis rather than being committed to the full term – though sometimes this is at the expense of a slightly larger monthly fee. It is also important to ask the company for a personalised speed quotation, using the postcode to determine the maximum possible speeds in the area. Although the headline speed on each package is the goal, many factors contribute to determining whether or not a household is able to achieve those speeds.

Then, when a suitable package has been found which meets all the requirements, using the internet to search for reviews is highly recommended. Previous customers are able to leave feedback about their experiences which can help new potential customers to decide if they are trustworthy, reliable and the right choice for them.

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Learning Which Broadband Is The Best Option For Your Business

The research and efforts needed to discover which broadband is the best option for your business can allow you to make use of a service provider that will fit both your needs and your budget. Ensuring that your employees and staff have access to any and all resources they need is never a concern that should go overlooked. Learning more about your options ensures that a more beneficial selection can be made.

Not ever business or organisation will have the same needs when it comes to online access. Connection speeds, downloads and other services can vary greatly depending on the provider and service package selected. Failing to seek out an option that will have more to offer your businesses working process or making use of one that exceeds your budget could find you at a real disadvantage.

The total expense needed to arrange for service is something that business owners and management professionals would do well to consider carefully. Higher costs can quickly eat into your operational expenses and drain your organisation of financial resources that would be better spent on other matters. Looking for a better deal on your service package could end up saving you a great deal.

Professionals and working environments that are forced to make due with poor quality service, providers that are unable to offer the features and options you need or Internet access that is not dependable may find themselves suffering through no end of inconvenience. A better choice of provider can provide higher quality service. Superior resources will be required in order to ensure superior performance from your staff.

Having so many different options in terms of service providers and packages to choose from, finding a better deal can seem like a difficult undertaking. Lacking insight or details regarding different providers could be complicating your efforts in ways you might not suspect. Overlooking an arrangement or opportunity that has more to offer would be very unfortunate.

Balancing costs with features can be very helpful for those who are seeking to reduce their monthly bills. Options and features that you may have little use for could be costing you a great deal. Structuring your plan to better meet your needs or selecting a service package that will be more affordable can make a difference in your monthly costs and expenses.

Researching your options online can provide you with plenty of information to base your decision upon. From rates and service prices to client reviews and other details, a quick web search can be a great way to begin assessing your options. Failing to utilize the tools and other resources needed to begin exploring your options could find you overlooking many important opportunities.

Businesses that are in need of superior Internet service for an affordable price would be wise to investigate their options. Finding a provider who offers a more beneficial plan or that can allow you to reduce your total costs may prove easier than you might expect. Working with the right service can remove many potential obstacles and issues that might otherwise impact your efficiency and working process.

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Broadband Reviews UK: Mobile Options

The rise of mobile internet options has had the happy consequence of creating a number of broadband reviews UK choices to help customers find the best possible deals. Where previously all broadband and internet access was tied to a house connection, our increasingly mobile society has generated a strong market for internet devices easily transported between different locations. Using a small modem usually built into a USB stick, generally known as a ‘dongle,’ users are able to access the internet in any location with sufficient signal. This negates the need for fixed routers, and is helping people work, study and relax whilst on the move. Though signal speeds can be slower than fixed broadband access, it can be ideal for people who are moving house, travelling for work purposes or who simply don’t want a landline connection in their property.

Mobile broadband relies on similar technologies to those in a smart phone. Airwaves transmit signals to the device, but instead of receiving telephone calls or messages internet data is transmitted between the USB modem and the telephone masts. 2G and 3G coverage are the most common, having been established in the market for many years. Speeds are usually advertised as being up to around 7 megabits per second on a mobile 3G service. More recently, 4G service has begun to extend across the country. Though it is not yet available in all areas, speeds are advertised as being up to 100 megabits per second – though averages report that most users experience speeds between 20 and 30. Speeds are susceptible to fluctuation just as with fixed broadband.

Mobile broadband is usually available on a monthly contract basis or in a ‘pay as you go’ arrangement. Data bundles on pay as you go are usually valid for 30 days, making them ideal for people between houses or awaiting the installation of their fixed connection. Rolling contracts tend to have a higher usage allowance than their pay as you go counterparts, but the cap will likely still be lower than with fixed broadband packages.

If mobile broadband is the right option for you, looking at reviews can be a great way of determining whether a service is suitable. Using postcode information to find out whether there is coverage in your area is also essential, but if your chosen supplier will cover your location then ask the internet for information regarding their customer service and approach to communication, handling problems and technical difficulties and their methods of resolving disputes.

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General Information On Broadband Coverage

The term mobile broadband is used to describe the wireless access to the Internet made available on mobile phones. This technology has been in use for many years, improving in numerous ways over time. Today, it is common for mobile phone users to have broadband coverage. In fact, many users sign up for plans that include unlimited access.

The price of this service is known to vary based on several factors. The provider of the phone service is usually in charge of setting the prices and might offer an unlimited option on specific plans. In general, access to the Internet and broadband is sold separately from mobile devices. In other words, a bill is charged for the subscriptions and, typically, issued on a monthly basis.

Even when it comes to unlimited access, customers are not expected to get the best coverage all the time. Many providers will tout the top speeds in advertisements, but this is not always a reality. The distance of a device to a tower, the kind of phone from which the service is being accessed and other factors contribute to the overall coverage quality. People are encouraged to look into the many plans available through providers and keep into consideration how they plan to use these feature on their phone.

Many opt for an unlimited plan because the cost of overages is usually expensive. Monthly service plans can be costly and might be more expensive than what one might pay for a fixed broadband connection. Cost can be further increased by overage fees caused by going over what has been allotted.

It is worth noting that outages of a network may occur. This may be the result of roaming and disruption of service caused by tall buildings and other barriers. High speed access on a mobile is rarely as fast as that which can be accessed through other devices with fixed broadband, such as computers. Nevertheless, many choose to pay for this feature in order to have access to the Internet conveniently from their mobile. In some cases it is more than a desire, it is a necessity.

Consider all the pros and cons that come with this coverage. Check to find out what is available in your area from a service provider. If unlimited appeals most to you because of your expected usage, sign up for it with a provider who offers the service within your budget. If you do not own a smartphone or a new device, consider an upgrade to ensure that this feature can be used to its full ability.

Expect variation when it comes to the quality of the service. It will differ from network to network. Furthermore, coverage will come at different price points.

How one intends to use this on their mobile device is important when it comes to selecting a plan, provider and amount of coverage. Some people use their phones for streaming movies, music and videos, which might require more broadband than checking email or reading and news articles. Ultimately, what is chosen should accommodate how one uses his or her phone.

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Cumbria Countryside Residents Anticipate The Best Broadband Service From EE

In Britain, there is constantly a huge gap between those with the best broadband service and those with a poor connection. However, broadband providers are working hard to try to deal with the issue. This week it has been announced that households in rural areas which have no broadband access will soon be able to connect to the internet via a 4G mobile network instead of the traditional method. Customers will simply need to plant an antenna on their roof to connect to the 4G connection. Alternatively, customers will be able to connect via a router in the living room.

The 4G connection will be provided by EE, the largest mobile phone network provider in the UK. EE intend to put their plan into action by the 11th of November. EE will be the first company to offer a 4G broadband service to UK homes. The first customers to take advantage of the best broadband service are the residents of rural Cumbria.

EE have spoken about their latest development, stating that they truly believe that 4G is an economically viable alternative to fixed broadband cables in the countryside. Despite the fact that the UK government is currently working hard to provide fixed broadband to the whole country, EE are confident that mobile networks are a more financially viable option.

The mobile 4G home broadband will be easy to connect to. Customers will connect to the network like they would connect to a Wi-Fi network. Customers will be able to connect their mobile, laptop and tablets to the 4G connection with minimal effort. The router will not be connected to a fixed broadband line. Instead, it will be connected to EE’s mobile network.

Although the price of EE’s new service has not been announced, when it was under the trial period, customers were charged £15.99 so this gives customers an indication of the prices that they can expect.

The area which will first be targeted is a 100 square mile patch in rural Cumbria. With only 2,600 residents within the 100 mile radius, the major broadband providers have failed to bring their services here due to the lack of profitability. With so few potential customers in the area, the likes of BT don’t find these areas financially viable. Laying down broadband cables is incredibly costly and if there is no return on investment, the area gets ignored.

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The Importance Of Buying A Home With The Best Broadband Access

When purchasing a home, there are many obvious factors involved such as price, location, size and local schools. However, would you think to check whether your property has access to the best broadband? In this day and age, a decent internet connection is one of the basics of modern life; most households have online devices in every room.

A study carried out in 2011 revealed that nearly 70% of Brits stated that they would be put off from purchasing a property if it was not connected to the best broadband service possible. The study also revealed that the best broadband access was considered a “critical” factor in purchasing property. Access to the best broadband is fast becoming a necessity for all members of the household. Without a decent broadband connection, children would struggle to complete their homework, business people would struggle to take their work home and university students would be unable to access their online course materials.

Unfortunately for those in some rural areas, the best broadband services are still unavailable. In order to get connected to super fast broadband, a household must be located near to fibre optic links; however, many countryside properties are still only connected to copper wire.

If you are considering purchasing a property, it is very wise to be aware of the varying broadband speeds in different areas. Even if you are not reliant on the internet yourself, you may find that when you come to sell the property, the value is decreased by the poor broadband service. In order to find out about the broadband connection in your potential new property, check out whether the property is in a “broadband not spot” area or “slow spot” by doing a simple online search. Your estate agent should also be able to provide you with further details on the broadband service by asking the seller of the property. Failing that, you can find out the broadband speed by calling a provider and giving the telephone number and postcode in order to assess the situation.

In years to come, gaining access to the best broadband service should not be an issue. The government has plunged £830 million into guaranteeing that all areas benefit from a super fast broadband service. By 2015, it is hoped that over 12 million UK homes will have access to super fast broadband, as the government has pledged funding towards connecting those in broadband black spots.

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Egypt Internet Disruption Causes People To Lose Best Broadband Service

An internet cable under the ocean has been cut, causing serious disruption to broadband across the world, much to the dismay of businesses and customers who pay for the best broadband service. The gigantic internet cable which is located near Egypt connects Europe, Asia and Africa. Services were disrupted in Africa and in Asian areas including Pakistan, India and the Middle East.

The cable covers an astonishing distance of twenty thousand kilometres, starting its path in France and travelling as far afield as Thailand. A broadband expert explained to The Guardian newspaper that when a cable like this gets cut, it can dramatically change paths across the network, which is why there is such widespread commotion. As there are a number of cables in the Mediterranean Sea, many customers would have experienced slow, congested broadband service. Luckily, the close proximity of other cables has prevented customers from losing their broadband service entirely.

Three men have been arrested, believed to have intentionally cut the cable which has caused worldwide disruption for thousands of commercial companies and domestic customers who expect the best from their broadband service. The three divers were found in a fishing boat off the coast of the Egyptian town of Alexandria. The men were arrested by the Egyptian navy who are yet to explain their reasons for arresting the three scuba divers.

The cable that the divers allegedly cut belongs to Telecom Egypt, the centre of communication services within Egypt. This is not the first time that Egypt’s broadband services have been disrupted due to cables being damaged. In recent weeks, similar damage has been caused by the anchors of ships in the vicinity. As recently as the 22nd of March, a ship’s anchor cut through a different cable in the area.

It has been reported that it can take some time to repair such damage and to return to providing the best broadband service for customers again. The repair work has been described as “messy” by chief technology officer Jim Cowie. Cowie explained that the time consuming job of fixing the cables involves taking large amounts of equipment out on a ship and making a splice. Although time consuming, the repair work is vital. Undersea cables account for 99% of internet traffic across the continents, connecting the whole world to the best broadband service available.

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Talk Talk Warned Against Claiming To Have The Best Broadband Package

Internet service and telecoms provider Talk Talk have been given a stern telling off by The Advertising Standards Authority after it claimed to offer the best broadband packages any household could hope to find.

BskyB are believed to have instigated this warning after it contacted the advertising watchdog to air its concerns.

BskyB initially took offence when Talk Talk claimed to offer exactly the same packages as BskyB, in terms of specification and design, but at considerably lower monthly costs.

The ASA quickly established that Talk Talk’s claims were mere fantasy as none of its packages could compete with what BskyB had to offer. The only thing that Talk Talk had got right was that their packages were offered at a lower overall price point. Stating the packages were comparable, upon further scrutiny, was not even up for debate.

Talk Talk argued that their claim to offer the best broadband packages were solely based on the lower prices they charged and not on how many channels their new YouView platform offered in comparison to Sky. The ASA countered raising the point that their adverts in the national presses bragged ‘Britain’s Best Broadband’ and validated this by saying, in small print, this verdict was reached after direct comparison with BT, Virgin Media and Sky’s offerings.

The ASA slammed Talk Talk by highlighting that the wording was misleading and that no direct comparison could be made no matter what Talk Talk thought and no matter how small the print.

‘In our view a claim to provide the best value broadband product or service could imply a comparison restricted to price alone only if it was presented in such a way as to make that context clear to the consumers reading the ad,” the Advertising Services Authority said.

They also pulled TalkTalk up for flagrantly presenting in enormous typeface the slogan ‘unlimited TV’, appearing under the banner ‘Britain’s best value’. This further fuelled the fire of rage for BskyB who notified the advertising watchdog immediately.

The ASA responded with;

We understood that the TV element of Sky’s triple play package included significantly more channels than TalkTalk’s, some of which were pay channels, and considered consumers were unlikely to regard that element of the two packages as comparable.

Because the ‘best value’ claim was not adequately qualified to make clear it related to a comparison of package prices only, and because we understood that the features of the packages being compared were not in all cases comparable, we concluded that the claim ‘Britain’s best broadband and phone compared to Sky, Virgin and BT’ was misleading.

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